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Online Nutrition Modules

Do you have health conditions that you want to tackle with the help of a licensed nutrition professional, but are not able to commit to or invest in monthly face-to-face nutrition appointments? Or do you want the benefit of my expertise, but live outside of North Carolina? Then a good option would be making a one-time investment in having week-long access to one (or a bundle) of my recorded self-learning modules, that you can fit into your life at your own convenience. After you've registered for a module, please allow 24 hours (48 hours if registered on Friday night/Saturday) for the video link to appear in your email. 

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Module #1 Mindset for Behavior Change: Committing to the Process ($40)

Assess your motivation, specific goals, & readiness to commit to healthy habits; Anticipate & Overcome barriers.

Module #2 Inflammation & the Disease Process ($35)

Understand what inflammation is, what is going on in the body during a state of inflammation, & why it’s a key factor in most of the diseases covered in these modules



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Module #3 Nutrition Jumpstart: Basics of Eating Well ($50)

For those that want to eat healthier but don't know where to start. Learn the key nutrients & their food sources, easy portion control, & how to sort through diet fads


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Module #4 Diabetes: Prevention & Management ($45)

Understand what's going on in the body when you have Type 2 diabetes, as well as it's root cause & the risk factors  we can minimize. Learn ways to manage diabetes through diet & lifestyle

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Module #5 Nutrition for Heart Health ($55)

Learn how to fine-tune your diet to lower your risk of developing heart disease & hypertension. Minimize complications of cardiovascular disease by making your food work for you.

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Module #6 Uterine Fibroids
& Nutrition ($55)

Examine the factors that influence fibroid development, and learn about lifestyle & nutritional measures to take to prevent or limit the growth of uterine fibroids.




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