Do you want to reach a healthy weight, balance your blood sugar, or improve your heart health? Are you tired of chronic pain, fatigue, mental "fog", headaches, digestive issues, and chronic skin conditions? 

The Food of Life Philosophy


As a  faith-based dietitian, I believe that the Biblical principles of stewardship over the bodies we've been given are essential for achieving and maintaining health. I have a drive and an excitement for improving my clients' quality of life through sustainable healthy eating practices and lifestyle change. I strive to inspire the motivation to improve health that begins from within each of my clients.


I address genetic and environmental factors that shape how our bodies function. My tools are evidence-based Integrative and Functional Nutrition, best practices in weight management, and whole food resources to help you achieve whole body balance. This includes changes in eating habits to manage diabetes & cardiovascular disease, as well as symptoms of chronic inflammation, undetected food sensitivities, and compromised digestive health.

My training includes a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics from East Carolina University and a

dietetic internship through Lenoir-Rhyne University.  I also hold a Bachelor of Science in Biology from

Hampton University and a Master's in Public Health from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Most recently, I completed a Certificate of Training in Obesity for Pediatrics & Adults and have obtained

a license to practice in the state of Florida.


I began my career in health & wellness over 10 years ago as a Weight Loss Coach and have also worked

as a Naturopathic Lifestyle Coach under the supervision of a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor. 


My clinical experience includes working as a consultant Clinical Dietitian in Long Term Care.  In this role,

I assessed and monitored the nutritional status of all residents and provided medical nutrition therapy

for a variety of conditions including Diabetes, Heart Failure, Kidney Disease, Tube Feeding, Malnutrition,

and Wounds.

In individual sessions, I help my clients set SMART goals, explain nutrition concepts in ways that are easy

to grasp, create a client-specific pattern of eating for their lifestyle,  and offer creative solutions for helping

clients overcome road blocks to lifestyle change.  I look forward to working with you to meet your health goals.  

Network Participation
Currently Accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield NC and BCBS Federal
Meal of Fresh Natural Greens and Plant-Based Protein
Southwestern Egg White Fritata
Individual & Group Nutrition Counseling 


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